GizmoManager selection issue

How can I select a mesh with a gizmo manager if it is placed within another object; I have created a test case below

In this use case; there is no way for me to select and position the blue cylinder (I hope I am missing something very simple for this).

Pease advise!

I am thinking of using a raycast to manually select the GizmoManager for the inside cylinder; i am thinking this should work; just not sure if the gizmo arrows will work (will check and try to post a different solution).

If anyone has a better suggestion; please let me know

If the outer mesh doesn’t need to be interactive you can just set isPickable to false for it like below. Or do you need to still interact with the outer mesh when the inner mesh isn’t picked?

Yes, that is exactly what I did now; I have set the isPickable as false; seems to work fine. Having physics issues now (which i hope I can figure out – otherwise I will update the playground and post another question :().

Many thanks for your reply.

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