Gizmos and multiple canvases

hello community,

I’m setting up a multiple canvases sharing the same scene, I want to configure the gizmo manager so it’s displayed only on one specific canvas (meaning a specific camera) ?


Do you mind providing a repro so we can have a look?

sure, I’ll create a playground describing my scene setup

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Hey @Deltakosh

here’s a codepen sample for the setup I’m creating.

as you can see, I have 2 canvases rendering the same scene, the canvas on the left is interactive, my goal is to display the gizmo only on the interactive canvas.

is that possible ?

Layermasks are one way to limit meshes to a single camera in a multi-camera setup. Years ago, I carved out 4 high bit masks, so that the restricted meshes can have their masks changed to without changing the mask of every mesh in the scene.

Sooner or later Gizmos are meshes, so that seems most promising.

Cc @Cedric

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You can constraint the utility layer renderer to 1 camera like this:

var utilLayer = new BABYLON.UtilityLayerRenderer(scene);
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