Gizmos wont work on TransformNodes and are Bones TransformNodes?

Why cant gizmos work on a transform node?
and have to be on a mesh?

Technically they are both nodes Node - Babylon.js Documentation

So what gives?

pinging @Cedric (and I agree there should be no difference)

I quickly browsed the code and I did’t see why we couldn’t support transform. This needs a bit of rework and tests but I can handle that next week.

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@Cedric, bones too please as they are a node as well :slight_smile:

Bones are nodes but are not transform nodes :slight_smile: but I agree it would be nice if gizmos worked on bones. Might be tricky to do.

You get gizmos, he gets gizmos, she gets gizmos, we all get gizmos!

Anyways, if he does not want to do the bones with his PR no problemo, I have several workarounds.

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I will recommend to support bones anyway as we need that for the bones editor :slight_smile:

PR is live : Gizmo Node support by CedricGuillemet · Pull Request #8540 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub