Rotate and reposition bones with Gizmos

First of all, thank you for your kind advice as always, it’s very helpful and interesting as a babylonjs beginner.

The problem I have is when I change a transformNode attached to a bone using the Rotation gizmo.
It works fine in the initial position after loading the mash.
However, when I move the position and then rotate the bone using the rotation gizmo, the gizmo is not controllable, as if the position of the bone has not changed. I know that the bones are not children of the mesh, so when I move the position, should the skeleton also be moved by the movement of the mesh?

Here is an example PG

Another strange thing is that when I move the position, the red rectangle attached to the hip bone does not move accordingly when I move the position, but when I click on the mesh after the move, it feels like the position is updated at that time.
Could this be a related issue?

cc @Cedric

I don’t think I repro your issue.
I can move the mesh and click other red sphere nodes and rotate them.
There might be some refresh issue. Best is to find a good repro then add a refreshing call accordingly.