Glow effect tutorials

Any great Youtube/tutorials, Playgrounds or general structures to watch/study/guide oneself in creating a glowing type of material in a dark room type of scene?

Trying to recreate a material, scene and camera to result in this kind of holographic effect:

Noting chromatic aberrations
Horizontal banding
Glowing materials
Is there lens Bloom in there? or is it just the glow?

Would appreciate any pointers on how to avoid making the scene inefficient too. I noticed killing Lights from a scene was a big one!! haha :S

Yup on this one, there is a color lookup, banding (vhs/crt retro shader), noise, bloom, depth of field, glow, chromatic aberration, a sharpen enhancement and probably plenty more :slight_smile:


@PatrickRyan also has a super cool tutorial for a basic glow effect :smiley: Node Material Glow Effects - YouTube