GLTF Exporter and Detail Maps

Just watched the video on detail maps. Very cool and I know our artists are excited to start using them. One question I had was what happens when you export a scene using a detail map to GLTF/GLB. From what I can tell, GLTF doesn’t support detail maps, so would the detail simply be dropped, or does the exporter try to accomodate it somehow. The challenge I see with using detail maps is that if you want to view your scene in AR (and you aren’t using WebAR), you have to convert to GLB for Google SceneViewer and then to USDZ for Apple QuickLook. If we use detail maps in our models, then we would lose that detail when the model is viewed in AR, unless the detail is somehow translated to data that is supported by GLTF.

The detail will be dropped unfortunately.

The only way forward would be to propose a gltf extension at Khronos

I thought that was probably the case. Thanks.