glTF loader problem with Babylon 5.0 alpha 18

Hi everyone!

I have a problem using glTF loader in the newest preview release. I bumped up my version from alpha 14 to alpha 18 and I get the following message when I try to load my models:

Unable to find a plugin to load .glb files. Trying to use .babylon default plugin. To load from a specific filetype (eg. gltf) see:

To import the glTF plugin I use
import '@babylonjs/loaders/glTF'
I am running the ES6 build where I import stuff to my files. This used to work in alpha 14, so are there some changes I am not aware of or could this be a bug? :slight_smile:

pinging @RaananW or @sebavan

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Hmmm… This sounds like a bug. We haven’t changed the structure, this should work as it used to.
Are both packages upgraded to alpha18?

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Yeah they are! Both core and loaders.

also using alpha18 here but able to load them fine

using import "@babylonjs/loaders/glTF"; early on in the bundle. using addMeshTask or AppendAsync is working. Just pointing out so you don’t go barking up wrong tree :slight_smile:

might be worth to see what your response is for the glb in the network tab to make sure it’s not text/html with an error page or something.


Thanks for confirming and you might be right that there are something wrong with my setup… Will return to you guys after confirming, don’t spend more time on this before :slight_smile:


Yeah, it seems that the problem was with some caching done by npm or vite. So sorry for false alarms! :sleepy: