GLTF model loading issue in Android release build

I am trying load to local GLTF in my react native project. It’s working in Android debug build, but GLTF model is not loading in “Release Build”.
I am converting my local model file path into uri using resolveAssetSource.
Anyone, know why model is not loading in release build.

Is there any way to load GLTF model in android release build?

I shared my code below

import resolveAssetSource from ‘react-native/Libraries/Image/resolveAssetSource’;

const sceneGLBUri = resolveAssetSource(“…/…/Assets/3DModels/basic_sci-fi_crate/scene1.gltf”).uri;
const { meshes, animationGroups } = await SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync(

I’m getting unable load model error

cc @BabylonNative

Hey there @Chandru1214 apologies for not getting to this sooner, are you still having issues?

Yes. We are still facing this issue.
For now, We are converting GLTF into GLB then we are loading in mobile.

cc @bghgary @srzerbetto @Cedric sorry about that the Babylon Native ping wasn’t working

Thanks for the ping @carolhmj , I will take a look.

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