Loading sketchfab gltf file in a create-react-app

Hi there! Pretty new to WebGL in general but after messing with both three and babylon all weekend I like Babylon way more.

I’m attempting to load a simple gltf model from sketchfab into a React app. After finding other posts and tutorials online I believe I’m doing everything correctly except the model doesn’t want to load textures.
Heres the error I get in the console:

    index.js:1437 BJS - [19:50:54]: Unable to load from tree/scene.gltf: loadAssets of unknown
		Name: 02_-_Default
		Name: 03_-_Default
		Name: 07_-_Default
console.<computed> @ index.js:1437

index.js:1437 BJS - [19:50:54]: Unable to load from tree/scene.gltf: Error in onSuccess callback

However the assets are there in the /public folder called tree, including my textures. I can’t seem to figure this out. The file loads just fine in the Bablyon Playground viewer. Any hints?

Hi @geeberry,

Welcome to the community!

A bit more information might be needed for us to help you.

Are you able to successfully load the gltf file without React? I don’t think this is a problem with React

Could you create a Play Ground example?

To load external assets:

Or maybe you can share that gltf file so I can examine it?


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Hi there! Thank you

I’m following this example pretty much: https://codesandbox.io/s/91n29pnqko

With the assets being in the /public folder.

The only difference between that example is mine is my /public/sword folder contains the textures in a texture folder. The example I provided doesn’t have a textures folder.

My files are here in the componets/organisms/tree folder and the gltf in the public folder

Please try putting the textures in the same folder of gltf file, instead of having its own subfolder.

Let me know if this works :slight_smile:

Ok, did that, and now getting a new error

BJS - [22:04:28]: Unable to find a plugin to load .gltf files. Trying to use .babylon default plugin. To load 
from a specific filetype (eg. gltf) see: http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/load_from_any_file_type

So I think I need to hunt down a plugin! Thanks for your help

Hope things work out soon. Let me know if you run into any more problems.

Got it to work! Heres my solution for anyone searching for a similar problem in the future:

Just be sure to import the npm loader module fromthis link and import it into your scene file :slight_smile:

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