GLTF SourceMesh Field Deep Cloning Freezing

Hey @Deltakosh and @bghgary … I am having a problem with Deep Cloning and entities that have a SOURCE MESH.

If i export a Cube 1 and Cube 2 from unity i guess the GLTF exporter see they have the same geometry mesh (Unity Built In Cube Mesh) and it creates Cube 1 as a regular mesh and creates Cube 2 as an Instanced Mesh with its source set to Cube 1.

This is kool for just loading geometry that is enabled and visible and ready to go in the scene. But i DISABLE Cube 1 and Cube 2 so i can clone them using code. If i clone cube 1 and then clone cube 2 it freezes the browser.

I will try to make a playground to load a sample scene with Cube 1 and Cube 2 to show but i was wondering if you are aware of deep cloning and the clone source is an instanced mesh ???

You cannot clone instances so ideally you will also clone from the sourceMesh

Fixed by not serializing prefab source meshes as instances :slight_smile: