Gravity / collisions on meshes

After reading and analizing documentation related to collisions and gravity:
camera collisions docu
from mentioned PG:
basic camera collision example
You can see that if :

camera.applyGavity = true

1 camera will properly fall.
2 also if:

ground.checkCollisions = true

Camera will properly colide and stand on ground

After that,
There is another plaground:
mesh collisions
Question about this PG is, how to achieve similar camera behaviour on meshes ?
1 - There is no applyGravity property on meshes.
2 - Rotating a little bit the ground ,
for example doing:

	ground.rotation = new BABYLON.Vector3(Math.PI / 14 ,0,0) at line 16.

Body will be suspended / floating on the air when moving it … not OK.

Thanks for your words.


or if you want the meshes just fall towards the ground you can write your own gravity behavior and attach it to any mesh.