GreasedLine bounding box

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I’m trying to detect pointer events on a greased line. I’m expecting the bounding box to cover the whole textured area, but it turns out to actually only cover the median line. Is it by design?

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The vertices are repositioned by the GPU vertex shader according to the width of the line at a given point. Therefore it’s not possible to get the right bounding information of the line.

If you want to know whether the pointer is over the mouse you can use a Ray and check for intersections:

Please be aware of the intersectionTreshold property of the line:

Boundig box with a segmented line (not 100% accurate - width not taken into account)

Feel free to ask in case you have any further questions.


Thank you for your detailed answer.

I see, it’s really a simple line, like the one created with MeshBuilder.CreateLines, only it has custom shaders to render it with a width. It’s not some kind of polygon like I thought.

Since I only need single segments, I will use planes to draw rectangles, instead of GreasedLine, this way the pointer events will be handled as expected.

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