Ground size limits

I am testing how to create the maximum ground size as possible,
I am working on a game that requires a huge map
So far i added 562.500 m2 of heightmap area, and is nice, the memory capacity support up to 1.822.500 m2, but still insufficient to the game requirements.
I must to make an algorithm that only loads the maximum heightmap area around the player to not overflow memory

Will babylon going to support more memory capcity or make a cheaper heightmap builder in the next versions? :slight_smile:

I believe that the maximum ground size would depend on the heightmap subdivisions number as well.
To overcome heightmap limitations one may use Dynamic Terrain | Babylon.js Documentation


About the dynamic terrain, I looked into using this but ran into an issue, see this PG: (it’s on the dynamic terrain page).
If you keep moving in one direction, the terrain starts to expand in the y-coordinate… at least for me?