GUI borders responsive?

Hi, I am building multiple views for split screens, using cameras and viewports and moving meshes around with layer masks. Currently, DIV borders are around the viewports (4 even screens) to show where the viewports box is. But I want to investigate if a GUI border would fit better. i.e I can interact with the scene. At the moment I can do it with the pointObseverable. however, this tracks the x and y of your cursor but I need to interact with common menus so wanted to focus on a certain viewport (maybe on click)

I can keep DIVs to show the separation however, I need to mess around with pointer-events, which isn’t ideal as they will layer on top of the canvas.

Basically what I wanted to know is, if I create a GUI border are they responsive on resize?

Thanks in advance

cc @carolhmj

Hello! How are you planning to create those borders? With Line?

yes that was my thinking. After some thought, I may just stick with the div overlayers and change the pointerEvents.


Hi @jcharnley just checking in if you need any more help on this :thinking:

all good, we overlayed a css grid system to sperate the viewports