GUI clipChildren invalidate rect


I noticed some fixes were made to “invalidate rect”, however unclipped children appear to still have some issues.

Yes in the case of this optimisation, that cannot work with unclipped children.
In your case I recommend to turn off the optimisation with adt.useInvalidateRectOptimization = false

I’ll update the doc to mention it :slight_smile:

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@Deltakosh How about with shadows?

They were working fine in alpha 14 or something like that, but when the fixes were pushed shadows started having issues.

Disabling the invalidate rect optimization fixes the issue but like i said it was working in earlier version and i’d kind of expect shadows to be supported?

I see no issue but I may missed something on your PG?

Adding @trevordev if it ends up being a bug

@Deltakosh Hover over the item a few times

edit: oh, Firefox only maybe? Tried on chrome and it doesn’t happen on that

@trevordev I’m wondering if we should not make sure to increase the invalidated rect with shadow info?

sure, created InvalidateRect not working with clipChildren false in firefox · Issue #5771 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub, Ill take a look.

I don’t think the clipChildren is related to the shadow thing.

But if you can make it work that’s cool too :smile:

There is kind of two different things mixed here…

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Hey @Deltakosh / @trevordev

Looks like you guys have worked on the shadow issue and applied a fix, however i still get messy screen on my project.

The shadow fix works on singular element but when it’s inside another the shadows start freaking out again:

Sorry :sweat_smile:

No problem, ill take another look to see whats happening in this case. Thanks for reporting this again.

Ok I replied on the bug but unfortunately this seems to be a Firefox bug.

As soon as shadows are on, Firefox will ignore the clipping :frowning:

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Ah okay that’s a bit of a bummer… maybe they will fix it someday. Thanks for looking into it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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