GUI content disappears after entering the webxr that opens multiview

As mentioned in the question, when I open multiple views and enter webxr, the content of the gui disappeared. I don’t know why.

The HMD I am using is oculus quest 2

This is an example

Adding @RaananW our XR mastermind to the thread.

XR doesn’t support fullscreen API yet. It does support GUI that is attached to a mesh or the 3D GUI elements.

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I tried, but the 3D GUI also couldn’t display properly

And these exceptions only appear when I open multiple views

            { preferMultiviewOnInit: true },

Does the same thing happen if you open a regular mesh GUI in XR? (I don’t have a device so unfortunately I can only test on emulator) Texture mode Babylon.GUI | Babylon.js Playground (

This might be an issue with multi-scene clearing between the two frames. I can look into that in the near future. I would recommend to skip multiiew for now, until I find the reason for that.

Of course - this should work! So not using multiview is only a temporary solution

Oh, this is working normally, so currently it appears in GUIs that use FullscreenUI

Ok, thank you so much

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