WebXR and BABYLON.GUI.GUI3DManager / BABYLON.GUI.HolographicButton

I’m currently porting a WebVR app to WebXR. I’ve got it mostly working, but my in-game menu system built using BABYLON.GUI.GUI3DManager and BABYLON.GUI.HolographicButton has broken. It works fine before entering WebXR, but the buttons strangely disappear once WebXR starts.

Here’s a playground that reproduces the problem:


The problem arises in both Firefox on Windows (with the WebXR polyfill) and in the Oculus Quest (with WebXR natively, I think).

I never had this problem when using WebVR.

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: Meant to mention that the same thing happens in Chrome macOS when the WebXR device emulator browser extension is installed, in case it helps with debugging. Thanks.

hi @Jacob_Durrant,

you found an amazing bug just in time! fixing it now :slight_smile:

Oh nice! Thanks for all your help.

FYI, I can confirm that this works fine in the latest version of Babylon. Thanks again for your help!

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