[GUI.Control] clone gui control

Is grid bug with loop function.

I added control with used ‘for’.

Control kept moving up for top.

How success grid with loop function? Pleeease! :pray:


I forgot about new control.

anyway… How clone controls?

Hey! so far you cannot clone GUI controls


But, i have don’t loop function too?
Stacked same position only.
And i want margin for between controls at grid.

this PG : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#KX33X8#90

Sorry but I have hard times understanding what you need :frowning:
Can you elaborate a bit more?

I need to see 10 controls that Using the for statement.
By the way, now I see only one.


please look at those lines (34 ~ 43).

I’m pray again! :pray:

You inverted column and row when calling addControl at line #42


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:wave::sweat_smile: Thank you (I feel ashamed…)

No worries