Why does artifacts happens with BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateBox?

I have a minecraft-style design tool (using CreateBox). I have these artifacts happening, and I do not why.


Anyone know why this happens ? (See image above)

Many thanks


A playground using your methods for aligning boxes and assigning material with just a few boxes showing the artifacts would be very helpful in finding the issue.

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It’s FollowCamera.rotationOffset that’s the issue. When I offset approx. 270 to 90 degrees its fine, when I offset 180 to 270 degrees there are jitter :expressionless:

If you need more information, I can try to reproduce it on the playground.


A repro would really help to help you.

Here is a repro at playground: Babylon.js Playground and here is another example: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#3TMXBX#1

It’s shows better in chrome, then opera and firefox.


Can see what you mean but I do not have a solution other than avoiding the range 180 to 270 degrees, others might have a better solution, @Evgeni_Popov is good at solving tricky problems. Avoiding 180 to 270, of course, is probably not possible for your app.

Can you use a different camera?

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Update: The issue become more visible larger radius/distance. On my app the issues only appears on some degrees, however in the repro its always visible.

I can use different technique, but I would love to understand why this is happening :slight_smile: