GUI: Grid with colspan/rowspan

Hey, I think the Grid-Container should have something like colspan and rowspan for the child controls.

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You mean, make it dynamic. Adding and removing rows and columns on the fly? If so we would also want to change the height or width of rows and columns. It would be awesome, wouldn’t it? But I’m just no sure of how much trouble it would be to do that.

One trick I have started using with my own GUI which predates the one in the Framework (I do not want to show screen shots at this time though), is to add a minimum length onto a text field. You set it to the longest label down the left, then each of controls to the right, if they are the same, or also minimum length’ed make it look like a table, but much easier.

I can also make it look like I have colspan / rowspan, but it is not easy at all. Think it might be the same for the framework.

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haha. Nice trick. I like this thinking going beyond just the frame.

I think we already can add and remove rows/columns on the fly. It looks like the feature request is to have a single grid column span multiple columns and/or rows.

Without colspan/rowspan feature - could perhaps be achieved on simple grids using nested stack panels, but I think it would be problematic to sync manually and then the feature request would be helpful there. Column widths and heights are easy to manipulate on the grid itself - here is an example:
Animated Grid | Babylon.js Playground (

Thanks for the example. Indeed, it’s simple. I haven’t even thought of it but on the other hand, I never needed it so far. I’ll bookmark it anyways as a reference, just in case.

Actually, I believe this was the point of this question. Which in the end, will likely become a feature request (in case there really is an interest in this, because I sort of have the feeling that it might be just not all that ez to implement)