GUI.InputText related question

Hello people of Babylon,

For my application, I’m using GUI.TextBlock and GUI.Checkbox elements in the scene. Observables like onPointerMoveObservable and onPointerDownObservable are attached to them. They work as expected for a while. Later, abruptly, the observables stop getting triggered even though the pointer is over them. Also, value of advancedTexture._shouldBlockPointer doesn’t reflect the presence of the pointer over the GUI element. And the checkbox doesn’t get checked or unchecked when clicked on - it becomes unresponsive.

I’m unable to figure out what’s causing this sudden disconnection between pointer events and GUI elements. Can someone point me towards the possible source of this issue?


It sounds really weird :frowning: I wonder if you do not have an exception in the code making it break after it has been thrown.

Are you able to reproduce in the playground ?

This would be great to be able to solve the issue.

hi. possible problem souce its mesh with pickable property. open inspector and check select mesh and begin test. if you click on mesh your gui dont work mesh was select and you cath your problem. maybe you click on mesh with inverted normals and don’t see this mesh. it can be e.g. skybox with small size and you can’t see this mesh

and in any way you can separate your gui from main program an test your gui in playground. aand you can print your gui objects in console and look if listeners is disconnected or not but i think listeners can’t disconnected themselves

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