GUI onPointerUpObservable onPointerDownObservable

Why are Observable events so slow. very bad response.
Did I miss anything ?

Bad response to event pointer down up ??

Any advice?

ok I try other things
(image button is wierd slow response ???

they seem to be working fine for me, maybe i dont understand the problem?

maybe mouse event is problem. I try on phone and it looks ok

Hey @Ian_Sheehan - I just tried the playground as well and the perf of the gui items seem to run just fine as long as your overall perf is ok. What FPS is being displayed when you see the sluggishness?

Coincidentally I also tried the playground on a monitor with a low refresh rate and therefore low framerate, and could repro the sluggishness, but that’s not specific to the gui items, but rather the overall perf based on the monitor refresh rate.

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