Gui renderAtIdealSize and linkToMesh


control.linkToMesh does not work correctly and superslow, if i set renderAtIdealSize = true. maybe bug?
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Probably :wink: can you file a bug in the repo for @msDestiny14

Just double checking, the expected behavior is for it to be rendered in the center correct?

yep! textblock must be in center of mesh,and no fps drop(only in ff,chrome is ok)

issue link

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Hey there @neymanushka. Check it out :smiley: Fixes for RenderAtIdealSize by msDestiny14 · Pull Request #10045 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

maybe I’m doing something wrong,but its not working :frowning: alpha.14 already have this fix?

at.idealWidth = 1024;
at.idealHeight = 1024;


at.idealWidth = 1920;
at.idealHeight = 1080;

texture size error(or black screen) only visible in firefox(chrome is ok with different resolutions).

hm, gl.getParameter(gl.MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE) chrome = 16384,ff = 2048. maybe that is problem.

Make sure you’re on the latest version! :slight_smile: Fix should be out.

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many thanks! :kissing_heart: