Happy Holidays To The Best Community In The World!

Dear Forum,

It’s now that cherished time of year,
where all across our great blue sphere,
we celebrate with joy and cheer,
that special bond that brings us here.

It’s more than just technology,
more than procedural topology,
what bonds us here together you see,
is beautiful community.

With sincere hearts and gratitude,
We want to thank each one of you,
For who you are and what you do,
You’re the heart of this family, that’s who.

For the next two weeks you should probably know,
While the dev team plays in sun and snow,
With friends and family and a joyful glow,
Our responses here will be quite slow.

And though we might be far away,
You’re in our hearts and we want to say,
No matter how you celebrate,
We wish you the Happiest of Holidays!



@PirateJC : And a Merry Christmas to you and all the Babylon crew too. And best wishes to all the coders and modelers who provide thoughts, answers and skills to all the questions asked here.

I’m trying to sort out what Christmas will be like as the new Omicron virus variant seems to be going wild in my neighbourhood. :grimacing:

I’ll add my old Christmas scene: Gryff’s Christmas Scene

Think of the children, and Stay Safe All, gryff :slight_smile:


Happy holidays for you all and thanks for being so awesome, each an every one of you! :heart:


I want to say a lot of thanks to you everyone, but my English is really not good.
Let a thousand words turn into a blessing: happy holidays and have fun!


Happy holidays to all of you! :wave:t3:

I must confess that after few tries I cheated using nextBell = 29 after line 194 :innocent:

(technical point: in Firefox I had to delete lines from 219 to 225 to make it works)

I haven’t took time to made a tiny scene this year, so here an old one updated:


Happy Holidays my friends! :slight_smile: :vulcan_salute:

@PirateJC Cool scene :slight_smile: I am not familiar with the song and tried to click the bells in the correct order but it was a terrible experice :smiley: So I cheated a bit and: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#KR5CRQ#4

Keep healthy and safe!


The snowman! :muscle:

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What a fun demo! :smiley: Happy holidays! :christmas_tree:

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I love this!! :vulcan_salute:

Wonderfull scene!
:christmas_tree: Merry Christmas for y’all :santa: :pray:


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to the Babylon team and all the users of this wonderful forum. May our future keep full of kindness, comprehension and benevolence.

Stay safe !!! :pray: