Have a problem to make an Incremental .babylon

I am try to use this link : Exporters/Tools/MakeIncremental at master · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub to create the Incrementa .babylon . I put the source file and destination file in the program.cs, but I couldn’t get the result, is it possible to help me?

I usually do not use anymore incremental loading in my scenes but I can totally understand the need for it.

I wonder if some of the gltf/glb might be suitable for you ?

Also, this definitely looks like a bug and would need at least input files and so on in order to repro it ?

I have an obj file with about 2million Polygons and 5 layers and when I wanted to load it, the model work very slowly.
I converted them to glb/gltf but the problem didn’t solve. because of that I decided to try .babylon.

2 millions poly might be A LOT too handle in real time :frowning: I wonder if you should check in reducing the poly count by using instancing for instance or other techniques ?

how can I use instance when I loaded the obj file to reduce the poly?

You would need to change the obj file and so on in your edition tools like blender or such and ensure you have it laid out as you see fit, this won t be a simple task.

But first having the model to see what could be optimized might help

should convert it to glb or gltf? which one is better??

Adding @bghgary regarding incremental loading ?

for using instances to optimize it ,is it better to be gltf?

actually I have build this map projection tiled map: Babylon.js Playground
and I want to put some obj model on it, like OSM building.

like this website: OSM Buildings

Hi @bghgary , is it possible help me regarding to incremental loading?

It sounds like you want some kind of tile-based solution. Cesium is a good example of this. Cesium uses glTF with some extensions underneath.

As for the incremental loading, Babylon.js out-of-the-box does not have anything tile-based that I know of. I think you will need a custom solution for this.

I’ve never used the MakeIncremental tool, so I don’t know what it is trying to do. It looks fairly simplistic compared to what you are asking.

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Thank you so much.
I need something which load the gltf in terms of the zoom level. Yes I want to build something like Cesium, and first of all I need something to load gltf with good speed.

If each tile is relatively small, it should load fast. You may also want to look into glTF mesh compression extensions like Draco or mesh quantization which can reduce the glTF size and make it download faster.

Thanks a lot :pray: :pray:

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