incremental loading crashes

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new in babylonjs, also in webdev.

I tried to import my model with incremental.babylon file to optimize the performance, cause I have quite a large model… I’m working with importMesh function, but when I run in my dev environment on localhost, get console error with 404 server responde (file not found) on every single geometrydata file =( although it runs with append function, the control, and every other part of the software aren’t working, just show the model exactly the same position as I converted in the sandbox (from glb to babylonjs file).

I use webpacker, but I don’t have any problem if I run the program with the simple glb or babylon file extension (except that it’s pretty slow and lagging).

Do you have any idea, why the geometrydata files not be found (it’s in the folder of the incrementel.babylon file as the quite short document of the topic propose)?

Many thanks for any idea, I’m suffering from this for days now…

Hey @balazs.barnabas, welcome to the forum!

It really depends on how you host your files on localhost. i guess the base directory could be ./ instead of / , so it will be relative to the current position on the server and not the base url, but it’s hard to help without knowing how exactly your files are structured.

hello @RaananW,

many thanks for your reply.
yes, I was wondering maybe I gave the wrong path, but with the simple babylon file and the original glb file (which I was converting from) it works, so I don’t really understand… maybe I missed something in the webpacker configuration…
Sometimes it throws:
http://localhost:8080/ 404 (Not Found)

maybe the whole thing is due to this error message?

Really appreciate your help!

the developer configuration:

Oh, that’s a different issue.

If you don’t use the default values of the enviroment helper you will need to pass the correct options in order to tell babylon where the file is located.

I do find it odd that the localhost url is added at the beginning of that…

Thanks, @RaananW! I managed to load something now, you were right, the file path was wrong in a way.
Now, I only have to figure out the EnvironmentHelper error, I assume, it’s due to glb-babylon conversion, because the .glb model has loaded perfectly, but .babylon and .incremental.babylon are totally chaotic… I also found a topic with the same problem, here it seemed it’s a Babylon bug as I understand…
Or is this totally normal that without the right EnvironmentHelper these falls apart? I just have no idea how to configure the helper, because I can’t even recognize how the model was distorted, compared to normal.

The issue in this post you mentioned was resolved a long time ago. If you want to share the model that you are trying to load (and reload), we might be able to help here. Otherwise it is very hard to come up with a solution to a problem we don’t even know exists…

yeah… the problem is that it’s not only one file, it’s the same with all of the models I tried from different resources… if I remove hdrskybox from nodes before I export, the error disappears, but the model is still not the same as in the glb file… but I guess there should be something on my side, because if I drop the converted babylon file to the sandbox, there it looks perfect…