HAVOK Physics problem - objects strange behavior

Objects have strange behavior which was not the case few weeks ago.

Here is an example in playground. The box when dropped have strange behavior while moving on the ground.

Also same problem on this example of Havok, look at the objects and how they behave.

cc @eoin, in case it would be a regression in the wasm file?

Oh yup it looks highly suspicious :frowning: @eoin please let us know if we need to deploy something back before @carolhmj or @Cedric come back from vacation.

I have the same problem. Jumpy physics with 60fps. Worked fine a couple weeks ago and I haven’t really changed anything. Notice in my PG the sphere drop physics lag and it’s noticeable on the boxes as well.

Oh and I posted a question 23 days ago using this same PG example and it was working fine then, just went back to try and it’s broken too…

It’s the Ground!!!

I tilted the rotating plane and made it bigger for the sphere’s to roll on that instead of the ground and everything’s fine till they roll off and hit the ground!

@DavidL I used your playground, just modified it a little bit, to present the problem. You are right, in this example ground is the problem. If physics applied with PhysicsAggregate it has this strange behavior, if it is applied with PhysicsBody, then it work fine…
Here is playground where physics is applied on ground with PhysicsBody, everything works fine:

I can confirm, PhysicsAggregate weirdness, no idea what changed.

But you got it, setting the physics manually fixed it, thx!

Havok Testing Grounds v0.02

Microsoft Clipchamp video

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Pretty sure I know what this is; we made a change here to fix the issue described in here How To Preventing Character Bounce on Flat Terrain?, but I’ve probably made some of the settings much too aggressive. We’ll need to dial them down and push out a new WASM.


Glad you know what it is @eoin :slight_smile: Let me know if I can be of any help

@eoin Eagerly awaiting those Havok Player Controls! I had a secret suspicion you guys were breaking stuff behind the scenes, Lol. If you had to guess, unofficially, when could one expect that stage of development to be complete and ready for us to play with? Days, Weeks, Months…?

It’s on a Months scale, it’s something we want to have at least for Babylon 7.0 release. :smiley: