Acceleration on mesh aggregate triangles Havok 1.1.4

When using the physics aggregate mesh type on a shape with a hole cut-out, triangles fill out the body to ensure the hole is possible.

The problem is when a physics body rolls over these lines they’re accelerated across the mesh in what seems to be some sort of collision handling issue.

Video of the acceleration
Havok 1 1 4 Accel - YouTube

The actual mesh in blender (See the lines connecting the actual hole to the mesh)

Setting useDeltaForWorldStep true in engine initialization somewhat slows the acceleration down but it stills persists.

The ball is a basic sphere aggregate.
The ground is imported from .glb and is applied a mesh aggregate.

Is there a way to guide the mesh aggregate to more closely follow the actual vertices?

Any suggestions on how I would avoid the creation of these extra triangles or fix the acceleration would be appreciated?

Could you provide a repro in the playground ?

It would greatly help @carolhmj and @Cedric with this issue.

Hi @Pinhead_Jones
Are you using latest bjs and Havok versions?
I second @sebavan with the a repro playground.

It looks being related to the same issue as HAVOK Physics problem - objects strange behavior - #5 by DavidL

@Cedric The physics stuttering I had in the issue you are referencing was very specific to the ground aggregate, but other objects using aggregates worked as expected. This seems different.

@Pinhead_Jones What are the lines that slow the ball down? Does it roll fine across the floor until intersecting with those? Can’t really tell what’s going on without some code to play with :frowning: