Havok Physics Raycast Vehicle Support

Hey @Deltakosh, @Cedric , @sebavan (or anybody) working with the Havok physics integration ?

First of all, nobody told me anything about these Havok Physics updates, so i can get working on the Babylon Toolkit Unity Exporter. I feel really left out :frowning:

But I need to know these thing so i can cracking on Version 6 of Babylon Toolkit Unity Exporter, so I have a few questions:

1… Is there a github location to the HavokPhysics plugin so we can build custom heap sizes?

2… What is the memory heap size of the HavokPlugin.js we distribute with BJS?

3… What about Kinematic Character Controllers and Raycast Vehicles, how do we use those classes ?

4… What about heightmap impostors for collision detection for terrains

5… Are there docs and examples to the HavokPlugin API so we know how to implement those classes (Not just the simple physics impostor or aggregator) ?

Any info would really be appreciated… Thanks

Sorry but that was meant to be a surprise for the community. We did not mean to exclude anyone. And even though to be honest we literally finalize the API a few days before the release:)

Havok remains a Microsoft asset and its code source is not oss. We are talking about the AAA physics engine used in a crazy ton of large games. It is still free with MIT licensing for Babylon users:) so a big gift if you ask me.

I let @cedric answer all the technical questions as the physics API v2 is his baby

Thanks for the update Delta. Yeah the havok engine seems like butter :butter:

Just need to learn how to use it. Can’t wait to see what vehicle physics is like

Hey @MackeyK24
Sorry for keeping Havok secret. On the other side, the V2 architecture work has started some months ago.

  1. Nop. Havok is closed source. .wasm usage is MIT
  2. I don’t know. Maybe @eoin can give some numbers here
  3. Character controller will come in the coming months.
  4. Heightmap developemnt is more advanced and should be in in the coming weeks.
  5. No, we will document extensively Plugin V2 but not Havok engine.

On the heap size, we build with emscripten and use it’s defaults (16MiB, if I recall correctly) but because we can’t predict how much memory any application will use, we compile with “-sALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH=1”

If there’s any extra information you feel is lacking from the docs, please let us know!

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And what about vehicles?


You can check all the features planned for physics here: Issues · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)