Havok engine documentation?

Good day everyone!
I am just getting started with Babylon, and since I have read Havok has been adopted as new physics engine, I decided I would better take that way instead of previous engines (Ammo, Olmo, Cannon). So firstly, I would ask you: do you think it is a good call?
Secondly, I have not found much documentation about the workflow with Havok, and I am struggling trying to understand about meshes, physic aggregates, transform nodes. Do you know any good and complete source of this documentation?

Thank you so much in advance!


The new physics architexture is much better than the old one, so I would recommend you to use it (and not Ammo/Cannon/Oimo, at least not until they are ported to the new architecture).

About Havok documentation - Babylon abstracts working with the physics engine for you, so the doc you are looking for is the physics architecture’s pages and not exactly havok. Have you seen these pages? Physics | Babylon.js Documentation (babylonjs.com)

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Hello Raanan, thank you for your response and clarification. I will dive deep into that doc.
Once again, thank you and have a good week!

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Interesting. Is this a premium information about your plans? What exactly would be the benefits of using the old version physics ported to the new architecture? Is it just to keep with ‘a range’ of solutions? I must say you got me wondering with this information. :thinking:

not at all :slight_smile:
Havok is so amazing, there is no reason to use any other engine. However, if some community member decides to build a cannon.js plugin we wouldn’t reject the PR

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