Havok sleep control

Hi i have some bug with contraint and sleep mode
havok really need option for disable sleep on rigidbody

i see you will improve contraint option in future, i can help for that

constraint need a quartenion for orientation instead of perpendicular axis
constrain need drive and spring control

Hey! sorry but this is a Babylonjs forum. We do not prevent people from using Havok with other engines but we do not support these implementations of course :wink:

If you can repro with the Babylon.js official codebase we will gladly fix the issue


hum ok …
is only about physics but anyway :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I think thats a little unfair, considering hes the author of the physics lib babylon has been using as its default for 10 years. Also, his experiments and examples certainly benefit us all.

I understand your point but this is a babylonjs forum:)

We cannot start to go off-road even for Havok. I will gladly connect @3th with Havok team if he is interested though

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And my ask is only to reproduce the error through babylonjs code which is the easiest way for the team to help fix and improve.

So help us helping you.