Havok spin shoot

i’m trying to make a pool game with havok physics
for cue ball in real physics if player hit cue ball( white ball ) on sides or top or butom
cue ball moving path and behaviour change (with same power)

i try 2 methods
1.calculate where to shoot cue ball
2. add some manual spin

but none of them work

can some one help me?!

Just by tweaking your values you can get a lot of that to happen. These are probably not close to real world examples but should get you close to your desired effect.

You will also need to calculate the deflection on the contact ball at point of impact, but that is after you get your cue ball doing what it needs to.

yes that was more like to real world but is not close enough
i try more that 100 values but they are not working
it some cases balls stick to walls ( i don’t know why )
in some cases mass is not big enough to convert angular velocity to linear velocity

more ground “friction” cues more effect on velocity right?
in play ground i try ti increase ground friction but value more that 1 don’t effect simulation
like “restitution” friction is between 1 and 0 ?

in your example balls stick to walls
i use this values in my game and almost all balls was stick to walls and center of table was empty
(even i try restitution = 1 for balls and walls, still see a lot of energy lost)

is three any other parameter except “restitution” that effect energy lost in physics collisions

should i switch my physics engine to cannon or ammo for this kind of game?

thanks for your time :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

The problem may be that your calculated strike position is actually the same height.

I adjusted the impact position and some friction parameters. Is this what you want?

thanks a lot for your time
kinda its the solution

twining shoot location do the same as “setAngularVelocity”
and when i log “getAngularVelocity” i find out maximum AngularVelocity is 99.99
so 99.99 is limit and adjusted physics property should fix problem (still i did not find best values but get enough satisfaction)

i was trying to do it with what happen in real world “shoot location”
but who cares :slight_smile: its do the same thing