Help dealing with very complex scans

Hello, we are a new Paris based company dedicate to luxury scans. We are currently working on very complex scans. We can handle this all part but we are looking for help on lowering to the max the weight of glb so our clients can use a Hi and Low poly. Can someone help?

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I know people are using glTF pack to optimize their glb files, maybe it can help you?

In your case, it seems you will also have to compress your textures: .ktx2 files are the way to go for gltf/glb (I don’t know if glTF pack is able to do it).


I use to optimize my models using a website “GLTF Report”.
You can use Meshopt or Draco compression in the Export Section


Here is the CLI version of GLTF-Report with more functions - CLI | glTF-Transform
But usually, for complex model optimization (CADs or scans) one needs some DCC tool first (I use C4D).


I can help :slight_smile:
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I’m based in Paris, was in charge of the gltf/glb exporter + draco compression extension to Babylonjs. I may help.
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