Help filling a tube with spheres and work when resizing tube / sphere

Hi All,

Below is the playground link I created. 

I am new to Babylon and I am trying to fill a tube with sphere and when
I increase the size of sphere / tube it should fill but never protrude out of tube
any help on the same would be great…


I am not sure to fully understand what you are trying to achieve :frowning: but maybe @JohnK a maths superhero will be able to help ?

Where r is radius of sphere and R the radius of the tube do you mean when

  1. r = R or
  2. 0.5R < r < R or
  3. r = 0.5R or
  4. r < 0.5R or
  5. 0 < r <= R
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@JohnK its 5 , I did played around with Sin theta and cos theta and was able to get it within the circle. But the problem is some spheres just protrude a little out of the tube…

Sphere packing within a cylinder is a complex task

You can think of the bottom layer of sphere fitting in the same way as fitting smaller circles with a larger circle - again complex


Hello @Balaji_K just checking in, was your question answered? :slight_smile:

@carolhmj Thanks it did and btw I used the circle equation with increasing x and it served my purpose