Help needed with js and video texture

I don’t have much knowledge of javascript, so I will “buy a dinner” for the person who helps me to put these together:

Given a scene, exported from blender.
There is a plane in the scene, named “screen”
The material of the plane is named “video”
UV unwraped…
A video named “test.mp4”

I have no idea where and what to write in the html to make the video appear and play.

I using this html template:

As much as I want a dinner, have you checked of documentation about the video texture?


Yes, I read that many times and searched all possible topic on video textures, tried so many different way, but no success.
Whatever I write in the script section it breaks the page or does nothing.
I dont know javascript, I know I should learn…

Hi @zoritan ,

I can help, please mail me at with all details and add me on skype: live:ray_7950 for further discussion.