Howto export video texture from blender

Hi, a beginner here… I have found a lots of answers in the documentation and the forum, but i’m lost on this one

I made a room in blender, imported a video (mp4) as a plane, it shows in blender, but when I export it to babylon file, i see only the black red checkerboard.

Any idea on what i missed or some tips?

You need to do the video playing in javascript. You can put the plane that does the showing in the export (must have a UV too), so you will not have to do the create, probably rotate, & position in js as well. There are many topics you can search here, probably ‘video’ should do the trick.

Hi JCPalmer, thanks for the quick answer.

I read about the UV, I have set it, unwraped, rotated, scaled… this was a solution for a problem that i never achieved, namely that the texture never appeared.
I think my problem is with javascript. I found many topic on videoTexture, but the code in the playground example doesn’t work when i apply it in my html.

Other than check your browser console for errors, l was only responding to the Blender lack of export support for mp4.

Maybe export the plane as the sole mesh. The data will then be small enough to in-line into a pg. Some one who knows about this might then be able to help you.