Help on mesh creation

Hey guys,

I could need some help building a mesh from scratch:

I don´t know how do make the side profiles for a 90 deg. roller conveyor element.

Actually I would make a square based on 4 points and extrude it, but I don´t know how to get this box curved
in a way the pic above shows.

Any help appreciated.


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Adding some famous builders to the rescue @PatrickRyan @kcoley @Vinc3r @JCPalmer :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Topper! A few questions for context.

  • What DCC tool are you using for your mesh creation as that changes the methods?
  • Or are you trying to do this in code directly in Babylon.js?

If you are just creating this in a DCC tool, general methods would be to create a cylinder at the radius that you need, delete the top/bottom and any extra faces you don’t need. Then extrude from the cylinder faces to the thickness of the rail.

If you DCC tool offers a pipe primitive, you can use that as well by slicing off faces you don’t need and then capping. Either of these methods will allow you to make both rails of the conveyor by creating the cylinders/pipes from the same origin as concentric primitives which should give you the correct inner and outer radius for the element.

Hope this helps.

Actually I just wanna use what BJS offers.

I don´t have hight expectations on optical realism but I need something that looks like a curved conveyor.

Two “curved” boxes for inner and outer rim and some cone-shaped “rolles”. That´s it.

Would a plane and extrude along a path3D thing do the trick in some way?

Unfortunately I couldn´t find a PG expample as foundation for my current task

Think, I got it:

Step 1 : make roller box
1 - a : draw your path in .svg Editor (inkscape) and get path
1- b : make on roller box

Step 2 :
make path and repeat geometry on points

step 3 :
add height map and some different rotaion

make something connected

it is GeometryBuilder ver 2

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