Help with grouping of objects and position in relation to 0,0,0

Hey all, so I am new to babylon JS, which im sure is how the most of these posts start, but I am having a little bit of trouble centering a grouping of objects.

So I have a predefined xml file that is export from some external service. This external service is basically just a flow diagram that plots points on a basic x,y axis. I am importing that and mapping out those same coordinates onto a plane in my babylon js scene. I created a parent box and calculated the children to create a bounding box. Like so:

So as an example, mesh #1 has an x,y of 150, 50. And so on. So I want to maintain their positioning so that its the same as the imported mapping. But I just want to move all those objects at the center of the bounding box of the parent to 0,0,0

I have the center of that bounding box but my question is, how would I move all those objects to essentially move the center of the box to the center of the axis of 0,0,0?

Hello and welcome!
Can you try to create a repro on the Playground? It will be far easier to help that way

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Yes! Here you go:

You could add an intermediate node to move the group in the parent:

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Thank you for the reply! That could very well work, ill play around with that.

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