Hey! New here and to OSS -- how do I begin contributing?

Please see the subject – I like what you all are working on and would like to contribute. I don’t know where to begin! I have 4 YOE but have never really contributed to OSS.

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Hi and a warm welcome to our Community,

There are many ways you can contribute and all contribution is welcomed here.
The answer to your question sort of depends on the type of contribution you want to make. In fact, by posting this type of message as a first contact, you are already contributing by making this place a friendly and empathetic place. So, you already reached the first goal of BJS by sustaining one of the most important pilars of BJS success. :smiley:

Else, may be take a look at this section of the doc for a start.
You can contribute (easily) on both the side of docs and framework. If you don’t feel like making PRs straight away, you can start by posting your suggestions, solutions or even just rough ‘ideas’, in the ‘feature request’ of this forum (or in the ‘bugs’ section if you happen to hit what you think could be ‘a bug’). Rest assured that all of your interventions in this forum will be read and accounted.

Also don’t hesitate to drop by with your questions anytime (any question, any time) :smiley:
I hope (and I’m sure that :wink:) your journey with BJS and our Community will be a great time.
Meanwhile, I shall wish you an awesome weekend :sunglasses:

Welcome to the community @adam-a !!!

@PirateJC will be an amazingly welcoming host with the rest of the community :slight_smile: