Tools (and/or advice) to finalize a bjs project

Hello again Dear Admins and contributors of BJS,
I’m in the last steps of making a distributable of my early-alpha version of the project, and I was wondering while I was quickly browsing the doc :

Is there anything in this regard (making a distributable) specific to BJS? Starting with basic stuff like getting all the sources/links in a txt file or anything else/more for ‘compilation’. I found little information about this part. May be I didn’t search well. I believe it would be easy (and may be faster than typing this message;) to simply use js. I was just wondering if this part (bringing a first BJS project live is or will be considered). For now, I don’t find it obvious in the doc and walkthrough.

If by distributable you mean a native executable, I would recommend checking Electron

It was used by @julien-moreau to do the executable version of the Editor

Hey @mawa

@Deltakosh is right, electron works pretty well and offers a support for more « native features », like enabling full screen on the game starts. Also, scenes can load pretty fast as everything can embedded locally using their packaging system and everything is compressed :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your quick replies to this ‘off-topic comment’ of mine.
It was merely some sort of reminder for me to may be check on this aspect. Honestly, I won’t need it for just this project. I’m sorry, I sometimes do that (post a comment as a reminder ). Else, I would forget about it. :thinking:
But let me tell yours, it’s really great to get this answer and then, so quickly. I shall have a look at it when I have some time.
You guys rock. :dvd:
Keep-up with the good work :smiley: