Game artist(s) wanted for OSS collaboration opportunity + more

Hi folks!

I absolutely love what the BJS team has made it possible to accomplish with so little effort, but when it comes to certain things, I’ve learned that no amount of stubborn persistence can replace professional expertise. I’ve recently stumbled into an opportunity that I feel could add greatly to the BJS and FOSS community. Though the game and its’ assets will be OSS, another aspect of the project will be a published text that I’m happy to detail further in private conversations (public announcement of everything will happen in the next 3-5 months or so). There is the potential for this to a be a highly-visible project with a wide distribution net.

The Gig
What I’m looking for is a person who has a good familiarity with how a game’s art assets are identified, produced (e.g., art design, production, management) and organized. Direct collaboration and contribution of game assets are welcome along with production and design advice, but interviews can also be helpful. The focus of guidance I’m looking to get is for hobbyist game creators or even a small, 1-3 person production team on how to approach the art aspects of a game/design on a low-to-none budget.

This is the part that kind of sucks. I can’t offer a whole lot in the way of monetary compensation for work done on this project; although it won’t be nothing it’s not going to be enough that you should think about this as a primary source of revenue - in the interests of full disclosure :slight_smile:.

What CAN I offer?

  • The opportunity to exercise existing skills and learn new ones
  • The Creative freedom (within very broad limits) to explore the concept
  • A chance to contribute to the BJS community in a concrete, lasting, and meaningful fashion
  • Share your hard-won knowledge and experience with others
  • Build personal brand

Next Steps
If you’re still willing and interested in this after reading about the lack of monetary compensation, thank you! Please DM me with some info about yourself and how/what you’re interested in contributing and we’ll take it from there. Dropping a link in the message to an online portfolio, resume, or bio (if available) would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your consideration!

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