HI finally my country internet Connection is back

Hi world :slight_smile: hey babylonians


Welcome back, Naz! Five days with no internet in Iran? Not good. We all feel the imbalance.

Entire world must have access to fresh BabylonJS, or else planet loses linear and angular velocity.

(Wingy hugs Naz, and super-glues Naz’s shoes to internet platform.)


thanks @Wingnut wow people can reply in internet :smiley:

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heh. Your signal is 5 by 5… I read you loud and clear! YAY! (whew) :slight_smile:

Nothing important happened while you were gone… EXCEPT… you being disconnected. That was the most important event to happen in last 5 days. No other important news.

So, tell us what you know, briefly. Is everyone sort of scared? Mostly tech people? Are tech people angry? Do tell, if you wish. Anyone saying WHY it was done? Believe them?

Are you “reluctant” (a bit scared) to talk, here, now?

Do you think Iran internet was somehow attacked/hacked?

(wingy ties lasso around Naz’s waist, just in-case) :slight_smile:

Good to have you back :smiley:

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it is simple add this code just for safety

if( internetExist &&
internetConnected &&
// check it again
} else {
alert("somebody in my country have issue that is not depend for us but we are all sensitive about that. ") ;

and GOV is not for peoples


glad to see back here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome back buddy!!

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thanks all

@nasimiasl : glad you are back naz. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking and wondering about you for the last few days. Going back in time to a gentleman from Iran who I met in mid 1967 He was the wealthiest student at my college - drove a Rover 2000 car. A real nice guy, very generous to us poor students.

So much political stuff from over the years rears its ugly head all the time (including, recently, a man called John Bolton). When it does, I think of you and my experience, of you and that man with the Rover 2000 - kind, helping and generous :slight_smile:

Strangely, I’ve been thinking of you on a more technical issue . As you know, stuff I am totally lost with, but you are quite capable of understanding. I wonder how many people outside of this forum know and realize that

Hang in there naz :slight_smile:

all my best wishes to you and your family, gryff :slight_smile:

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it is all mirror Naz = reflact( babylonJs , normalize( babylonian - gl spies));
i wanna Rover 2000 :frowning: ( i love classic cars )

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he have rover 2000 in 1967?? :smiley:

@nasimiasl : Yes - first produced in 1963 (I think?) and it became the standard police car for many British police forces. Only ever ridden in one more luxurious car - the Rolls Royce of the Queen of England. All a long time ago.

You can often see one in British police mystery TV series/movies set in early 60s/70s or in the more recent TV series Jack Irish

Was a car I wanted too :grin:

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:

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