The Man From North East Somerset

Well, I’ve been away again - I’ve had one hell of a winter - if they have winters in hell :grin:

It started badly when my internet became somewhat random. My cable company has been laying new fibre and updating connection boxes. Lots of drilling and hauling the cable all across the town. The streets became festooned with little flags indicating where not to dig! Not sure why they picked the middle of winter, except that one of the drillers told me they wanted to beat the phone company. I felt sorry for some of the workers, -20C is no temperature to work in and made even worse by the wind.

And then I had a fall. Right arm was injured and I’ve always been a mouse user and a two finger typist. Blender became hard to use - and I quickly found that I’m no left handed mouse user, and multiple keys depressed with one hand … no way. It has been very depressing - as old age creeps up on you.

Over the last Christmas, I watched a video about using game technology to tell stories - so I have started to try that. And this is my first attempt:

The Man From N.E.Somerset

Probably only people from the UK will recognize the gentleman. It is political - so I hope no one is offended. I gather that TWC is no more - which is kind of sad.

But I have started work on a ghost story … will see where it leads.

My visits will be intermittent - will try to contribute if I can

cheers, gryff :slight_smile:


link not work to me

Haha excellent. Welcome back mister @gryff

Not sure why the link does not work @nasimiasl - it works fine for me and I guess other people too :unamused:

I see @JohnK added a like - he probably knows who the character with the plummy voice is :laughing: TY for the likes folks

And just a comment about the project - it was the first time I tried using the morphTargetManagers exported from Blender (on the “UK” flag). Is there any documentation for usage - I looked but did not find very much, just the odd playground.

cheers, gryff :slight_smile: