Highlighter making mesh black in GLTF

Highlighter making mesh black on in GLTF,

highlighter = new HighlightLayer(“hl1”, scene);

highlighter.addMesh(pickResult.pickedMesh.subMeshes[0].getRenderingMesh(), Color3.White());

You should provide a PG, else it will be difficult for us to diagnose the problem.

Having said that, it should be enough to do:

highlighter.addMesh(pickResult.pickedMesh, Color3.White());

to add the picked mesh to the layer.

Here is the PG


i have two issues in the PG,

  1. Highlighter is not working and making mesh blank
  2. Complete scene is flipped means the dinning are should be right of the camera ,instead it is coming in left side

Highlighting does work for me:

Regarding point 2, you should set scene.useRightHandedSystem = true as gltf files are in a right-handed coordinate system:


thanks it work, if the scene.useRightHandedSystem = false highlighter is not working