Highlighting a specific entity in inspector

Hi. Quick question.
When I load a page, i’d like to pre-open the inspector to a given entity to play with its rotation (it’s a bone transform node, so it’s way down in the hierarchy, which takes a while to get to on each re-load).

I’m reading: Display and Use the Inspector - Babylon.js Documentation.
scene.debugLayer.show().then((layer) => {
layer.select(pbrmaterial, “ANISOTROPIC”);

But don’t understand what is considered a “layer” and no luck finding anything that looks relevant in console debugging. Any pointers? Like how would i get to foot.L, rotation in screenshot attached? Thx!!


layer is referring to the debug layer.
pbrmaterial is referring to an actual PBRMaterial defined in the code somewhere.

For your example, you would likely want something like
layer.select(scene.getTransformNodeByName('foot.L'), 'TRANSFORM)', however this just brings up the inspector and is really just good for debugging (hence the debug layer). If you are wanting to interact with foot.L, then you can actually get that object via the previous command (let foot = scene.getTransformNodeByName('foot.L');). Now the variable foot has all of the properties of a TransformNode (which is what your screenshot shows that it is). So, foot.rotation would get that actual rotation of that node.

In case you want to know more about the layer.select command, the second portion refers to these items


The sliders in the debugger make it really easy to play around with rotations of multiple transform nodes at once - to get poses right - and then i export using the replay tool. All around pretty awesome with no extra code needed - except that it takes a while to get to the right transform node. Looks like best path is to build my own slider adjustment system instead of using debugger. Thx for explaining the layers!

Oh, I just came across dat.GUI. This is fantastic and solves the problem!
For anyone else who comes across this thread, relevant links below:

DAT.GUI & Stats.js