HOLOgraphic Button getChild methods

I modified the following playground to start empty, and then display holographic menu:

Press the “private” button at the bottom and it should toggle from Visible to inVisible.

I am unable to find the handle to the buttons in the StackPanel ‘Panel’ and set button.isVisible to false.
I want to use the black button to toggle between isVisible=true and false for all buttons in the main panel.

Line 256 i created a function to clear the buttons clearButtonState and line 91 calls the function.
it’s currently commented out. What is the recommended way to change all the button-class elements to invisible?

You want to hide the buttons on the 3D panel? You can access the children through the children property and with that, set each child’s isVisible to false: HoloMenu Test | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)