Hope Babylon Team to improve hightlight effect

I think that the highlight effect is a way common and effective to make an object 3d stand out, especially in game scene. I don’t understand why only “Mesh” can use hightlight effect, as i know it depend on material. I think this is an unfriendly design,it should be responsive to all “AbstractMesh” or “Geometry Target”. Can we make a new design just like Outline pass of Three.js?

three.js examples

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Did you try to use renderOutline ?

I had try renderOutline or renderEdge, the problem is the “line” invisible when camera far from object, because the render line like a mesh, but not gl line

This assessment is a bit too simple, I’m afraid. Don’t know if it is ‘unfriendly’ but it is ‘per design’.
I hear what you are saying and overall I sort of agree, but understand that what you are asking is more than a simple fix on the hl.

I can’t. I don’t have the skills. But then, in essence, anything can be achieved (with a level of efforts and collab). If you have these skills and desire, rest assured I will support the project. Now, all you have to do is to convince the team @sebavan @Evgeni_Popov

Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

I can’t. I don’t have the skills

So do i.

Let’s image when we play a FPS game, the weapon or other objects had not outline effect, how can we known the objects are pickable? I believe that all of the game objects must to be use cloning instance and those counldn’t use individual material.

Anyway, i really enjoy using Babylon.js. It’s a WebGL engine powerful and professional enough

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I believe a clone is supported by the hl layer. Not sure about an instance or thinInstance. I’m a hardcore gamer but not so much of a game dev. It’s sunday, I’m mostly sure others will kick-in tomorrow on your topic.

And so do I. And it’s getting better day by day and topic after topic… Including yours of course :smiley:
GL with your project,

Maybe this thread will be helpful - Showing highlighted silhouette of mesh ONLY when it is occluded