How to implement highlight effect for mesh select

What I want

Babylon Scene use mesh outlinerender

I have tried to use hightlightlayer, but even look worse.

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We do not support this mode, for us the outline is not meant to be visible through other would require something different to do it probably using stencil.


Here’s a way to render the outline last:

I did it by creating a second sphere (a clone), with its visibility set to 0.001 to make it invisible. It’s a child of the visible sphere; and has its renderingGroupId set to 1 so that it’s drawn after the sphere and box.

IDK if there’s a more performant way to achieve this, but it seems to work well visually if you want the outline to be drawn last.


It is a good trick!!

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Second day in a Row tech trick Winner @Blake !!!

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