How can I associate my 3dPath with the canvas 2D coordinates of my dynamic texture

Image 1 and Image 2 show the effect of the texture on the rock layer, while Image 3 shows the effect of me pasting the dynamic texture onto a plane
I don’t know why I got an error when pasting my code into PlayGround, so I used screenshots. Please forgive me
I want to achieve a fracturing effect on an underground rock layer. I have a 3D path and I use MeshBuilder ExtrudeShape extruded the shape and then used dynamic mapping (I may adjust the height of each image dynamically based on the data in the future). The problem now is: I don’t know how to associate my 2D canvas coordinates with my 3D path, although I feel that even if I associate them, the canvas canvas is still compressed, and the lines I draw may not be well displayed on the rock layers.Is there any method to achieve the effect of formation fractures


This is the effect I want

Can you explain this a bit more? Also maybe try again with setting up a Playground? I’m not quite able to understand exactly what you are trying to do or what’s going wrong.

If Playground reports an error, there is likely an error in your code. Open up the console and fix any errors in your PG and then post with a description of the end result you are trying to achieve and what you have tried. That is the best way to get help for your issue.