How can I bounding the height map into the box?

Hello everyone

I want to know how can I bound the height map into the one Box, I mean I want to show the height map only into the box, in other words when I changed the Latitude and Longitude I want to show the height map into the box, I have the height map and bounding box, but I don’t know how can I make a relation between them to bounding the Height map into the box. here is my PG:

in my PG the height map is not connected to bounding box, if you change the lat and long you can not see the map in the box.

I want to build something like this THREE.JS library .

Hello, I’m not sure to follow what is missing from your PG.
Do you just need to center the plane inside the box?

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Hey, yes I want to set the plane inside the box for all lat and long, for example in the following PG , I have changed the lat / long and for finding the plane I should change the camera position, but I want to bound the plane inside the box to get the height map for each lat/long inside the box.

My recommendation would be to update the texture and the heightmap but do not move the camera, the pane or the box

I bet the box is a simple UI element here

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Thanks a lot for answering to my question. But when I updated the heightmap and the texture the location of the plane also changed.

IF you are not changing plane.position, then it should not change. How are you updating the texture?

is it possible to limit the ground position inside the box?

sorry I did not understand it very well, I just change the lat and long ,and did not change the plane.position , but the height map changed its position.
I’ m so sorry maybe I didn’t understand it, how should I update the texture? I just change the lat and long to update it.

for example here I just increase the lat 0.4 degree and the ground goes up.

I have solved it :slight_smile: Thank you for your recommendation